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5300 Cutler NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110 (Map)

Phone: (505) 247-4209
Fax: (505) 848-9454


Monday  Thursday 7:30am–4:30pm 

Friday 8:30am–2:30 pm

About Part-time

Our Program

If a student is interested in credit recovery or credit acquisition, then they may enroll with eCADEMY part-time through their school counselor. As a part-time student, students will supplement their courseload with online classes. These students will complete their work remotely, and complete their finals in-person. Aside from their finals, students aren't regularly required to be on the eCADEMY campus.

Integration Sites

eCADEMY has partnered with thirteen APS high schools to create Integration Sites. Integration Sites are labs embedded within each high school, staffed with highly qualified, online-certified eCADEMY teachers to help part-time students to succeed to help part-time students succeed. The Integration Sites operate during each high school’s 5th, 6th, and 7th periods, as well as during lunch. Some students are required to attend these labs based on the student’s level of need and the capacity of the lab.

The Integration Site teachers operate in a tight web of communication with the students, the students’ home school, as well as with each other to ensure that all students receive the most support possible. Real-time video conferencing is available for all part-time students so that students may connect with their teachers and receive the help that they need. Additionally, teachers meet regularly with each student to discuss their course progress and to address any concerns that the students may have. The support provided at the Integration Sites has already noticeably increased student engagement, communication, and learning.

Integration Site Partners

Albuquerque High • Atrisco Heritage • Cibola • Del Norte • Eldorado • Highland • La Cueva • Manzano • Rio Grande • Sandia • Valley • Volcano Vista • West Mesa

Online Instructors

Decker, Justin (505) 247-4209 BlendED Instructor
Easley, Erin (505) 265-3711 Highland HS
Farmer, Katie (505) 873-0220 Rio Grande HS
Garcia, Anna (505) 890-0343 Volcano Vista HS
Garratt, Dale (505) 345-9021 Valley HS
Gentry, John (505) 883-7222 Del Norte HS
Glaser, John Volcano Vista HS
Gomez, Leonard (505) 831-6993 ex.57151 West Mesa HS
Graham, Kathlyn (505) 823-2327 La Cueva HS
Henss, Julia (505) 247-4209 ex.45624 BlendED Instructor
Horning, Misty (505) 247-4209 ex.45618 BlendED Instructor
Magnuson, Nels (505) 294-1511 Sandia HS
Mick, Helen (505) 559-2200 ex.23230 Manzano HS
Rutter, Kenneth Science Lab Teacher
Sleeter, Richard (505) 296-4871 Eldorado HS
Walker, Zachary (505) 873-0220 Albuquerque HS
Weiler, Dane (505) 247-4209 AdultED Coordinator & Online Instructor

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Form of Interest

Interested in learning more about eCADEMY's Part-time Program? Complete a form of interest by clicking here: Form of Interest

A school representative will contact you once your form is reviewed.

Our Hours

Integration Site Lab

Periods 5 – 7, Lunch

Course Catalog

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