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Did you receive an Absence Call from eCADEMY? Family Resources & Edgenuity Info

You may have received a call saying that your child has been absent from an eCADEMY class. These automated calls are given to parents of students whose grades are below 70%. So, if you received a call, your child is most likely behind in their online class and needs to complete more work.


Your child should work a minimum of one hour per day per online class, and we highly recommend that they use the Assignment Calendar to guide them. The Assignment Calendar is a list of assignments that need to be done each week. It is a great way for students to pace themselves. The Assignment Calendar is available when your child logs in to their online class and selects Organizer and then Reports.


For additional information, please click the links below:

Click here to open the Family Resources page »

Click here to open the Edgenuity Info page »

Posted by: Makala Hannagan Published:9/6/17
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