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Why We Do What We Do

Our Students

We Want to Hear from You

If you have have something to share about how eCADEMY has helped you or someone you know, we want to hear from you. If you are comfortable having it on this web page, please email us.

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You Can Succeed

Adult Education Coordinator Ms. Dane Weiler received this email from a student in the AdultED program.


Thank you so much for what u do for me. I know I've been a bit frustrating for the last months. I'm just really stressing out. But, I am very honored to have you as my teacher. U had faith in me. And I respect that. Thank you! Xoxox"

This student worked tirelessly on her Biology class with Ms. Weiler, and she passed. Students like this are a reminder of why we do what we do.

You Impact Others

I had an experience earlier today that I needed to sit down and tell you about before I forget anything.

Sometimes, I start feeling the negative mantra, "Why do I continue to do this, is it worth it?"

Then, once in a while, life throws you a bone...

I was at Home Depot preparing for a fencing project at my home.  As I'm walking in the parking lot to my truck, I hear from behind, "Excuse me, Mr. Wells?"  I turn around and a young man wearing a Home Depot bib was running toward me at a fairly good gallop.  My first thought was, "Oh my gosh, have I walked out with something I forgot was in my hand or pocket?"  The young man caught up with me (that certainly wasn't hard) and said, "I saw the eCADEMY t-shirt you're wearing.  Aren't you Mr. Wells?"  I acknowledged that indeed I was he.  He said, "I wanted to let you know how much you guys changed my life."  He said he was well to his way to being a drop out.  He took some of our classes and it wasn't easy but he completed them and graduated.  Apparently, he had just found out he was accepted to the Police Academy and will be starting that soon.

He said we had no idea how much it has meant to him and his family and what we did for them.

Sometimes, I understand that I ask you to do things that are time consuming and difficult.  I can get downright cranky in my expectations.

Don't ever forget our efforts DO make a difference.  We have an impact on future goals, dreams, and present/future families.  Wherever you work, whatever you do, we all make a difference.

The young man who made the effort to run me down is why we do what we do.  eCADEMY is a unique place where although people may not understand what we do, WE should never forget what we do and our impact on lives and our community.

Good luck to all of us.  All I expect from you is to enjoy your work and work hard.  Treat yourself right. Change the world.



Principal Dave Wells