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Help Desk

Contact us if you have technical issues with Edgenuity that your teacher cannot solve:

Edgenuity Instructions

Student Login Info
  • Username: (studentID)aps — example: 123456789aps
  • Password:  (studentID) — example: 123456789
Accessing the Course

Look for My Course List on the left side of the screen and click on the course you want to view

To change courses, click "Return to Lobby" and click the title of a different course.

Accessing Activities
  • Click through Course Map; select a Unit and click to expand.
  • Click on the lesson to view the activities available in that lesson
  • Click on an activity to launch it.
  • When you have completed a review of the activity:  Click on the Home icon at the top left and you will return to the Course Map; select a different activity to view it.
The Organizer

When in the Student Lobby, click on the Organizer.

  • You can use the Reports, Communications and Resources options at the bottom to view different groups of student tools and information available.
  • From within the Organizer, view the Student Orientation video at Resources
  • Click on the Power button to return to the Lobby
  • To see when assignments are due, click the Organizer, then Reports, and then Assignment Calendar.
Important Notes
  • You have to view each video all the way through in order to move forward.  
  • You have to complete each part of the lesson in order to move forward.
  • When you get to a quiz, assignment or test you will need to pass it with a 70% or above in order to move forward.
  • You get three attempts to pass with a 70% or above, but don’t race through things, remember you want to keep your grade up.  If you are moving through things too quickly your teacher may ask you to show your notes, and retake things in order to ensure you are learning the material and passing the course.
  • When you get to a Unit test you will need to message your teacher to open the Unit test for you.
  • Take notes, you can do this on your own, and you can do this within your course.  You can use all of your notes on the quizzes, assignments, and tests, so taking notes will be very helpful.
  • Working every day will help you stay on track
  • Teachers will guide you and alert you and your parents if you are not logging in regularly, falling behind or you have a low grade.
  • Don’t forget to ask questions, either of your teacher or the eCADEMY on-line learning coach.
Computer Requirements
  • Computer with internet connection and headphones
  • Firefox or Chrome browsers
  • Acrobat Reader to read PDF files
  • Adobe Flash Player to view Flash and SWF file
  • Java for applets
  • Quicktime to view MOV files
  • Windows Media player to view WMV files
  • MS Office, Open Office, or Google Docs to do assignments