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2020–2021 Orientation

School Year 2020-2021
eCademy Orientation/Registration process and Checklist

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year at eCademy.  We are so excited you are joining us this year.  Students that have been accepted and enrolled into eCademy will need to participate in the parent/student orientation/registration.  As you may have guessed, orientation will look a lot different this year, as we have gone completely on-line.

Orientation will be held on August 6th and 7th.   On August 6th or 7th you will have the opportunity to attend an on-line Q & A session with administration and  counselors/coordinators.  On one of those two days you will also be asked to complete the orientation and free/reduced  lunch forms on-line through a google form you will receive on August 5th and will also be posted on our website. Check-in next week for updates and more information related to orientation.

August 12th is the first day back for students, on-line.  Teachers will be contacting students in their classes the first week ensuring students are set to go with accessing the on-line curriculum beginning on August 19th.

Next week students in need of food may pick up a meal box at their nearest comprehensive high school on Monday, August 3rd.  All full-time eCademy students will need to complete the free/reduced lunch form in order to qualify for the Grab and Go meal program. Completing the free/reduced lunch form will be included in the registration process on August 6th and 7th.  Full-time eCademy students that qualify for the Grab and Go program will be able to pick up their meal tickets from the eCademy location at 5300 Cutler NE on August 13 and 14 between 7- 9 am or 11am -1pm.  Please refer to the APS website for details regarding the Grab and Go meal program.